Audrey Effenberger

I'm currently a graduate student in the laboratory of Professor Li-Huei Tsai at MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences.

I received my undergraduate degree at Harvard College, where I studied neurobiology and mathematical sciences. Of interest to some current students, I was in the very first cohort of LS50: Integrated Science, an experimental year-long integrated science course, and I started working for MCB80x: The Fundamentals of Neuroscience, an online course spanning cells to circuits and beyond. During my undergrad years, I conducted research at Cellino Biotech, Biogen Inc, and Zhigang He's lab (HMS/BCH). I've worn many research hats, from stem cell biology and applied physics to pharmaceutics and molecular genetics.

Very, very broadly, my research interests include the following:

  • Metabolic regulation of the epigenome
  • Neuron-glia interactions
  • Oligodendrocyte lineage cells
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • iPSC models of the CNS
  • Regenerative medicine

You can read about my work in CV form here.



Cell of all trades: oligodendrocyte precursor cells in synaptic, vascular, and immune function.
LA Akay, AH Effenberger, LH Tsai. Genes & Development, 1 Feb 2021. doi: 10.1101/gad.344218.120

Seasonal changes in diet and toxicity in the Climbing Mantella frog (Mantella laevigata).
NA Moskowitz, et al. PLOS ONE, 26 Dec 2018. doi: 10.1101/361998


I helped to develop lesson materials and curricula for MCB80x: Fundamentals of Neuroscience, an XSeries program offered by Harvard University via edX. You can see some examples of my visual design work for the courses here. I was also a discussion moderator for all three courses.

In response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I joined a taskforce of Harvard Medical School students to create informational illustrations and graphics for broader (non-scientific) communities. You can view my designs here. I also produced videos about topics in Emergency Medicine for the Mass General COVID Urgent Resource Video Education (CURVE) platform.

As an undergrad, I wrote a few articles and designed the print magazine layout for the Harvard Science Review, a semesterly science publication. I'm currently a Consortium member of Massive Science, a science storytelling community.

I'm also an editor of WikiProject Neuroscience.